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13.06.19 | News

Design Thinking – 8 tips from practical experience

Several design thinking principles have proven themselves as especially useful in the ideation phase. They are therefore an inseparable part of the innovation process.

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28.05.19 | News

6 steps to winning hearts and minds when making big changes

Consultant Hansjörg Zahradnik explains how to get people on board when implementing new processes and procedures.


16.05.19 | News

Design Thinking - From problem to prototype

Do you like question marks? Then you will do well with Design Thinking. With Design Thinking you will find particularly creative solutions, for example, for pioneering innovations. You will come across insights that would never have come to your mind during classic brainstorming.


09.05.19 | Press

Efficient Processes Instead of Costly Software

Productive work processes in companies are time-saving and satisfy customers, which many are aware of. Yet, companies have difficulty improving their workflow. More precisely, they struggle with taking the very first steps towards improvement and evaluating their current internal work processes. We propose 6 practically relevant strategies to deal with process optimisation.

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11.04.19 | Press

Report from the next level of agility conference in Singapore

On March 27 we brought together more than 80 of our customers, partners and consultants in Singapore to explore how to scale agility from projects to the organization.

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04.04.19 | Press

A Quick Guide to Head Off Into the Agile World

In short: Using agile approaches in projects is currently a trend topic. Instead of planning and executing projects “en bloc”, highly self-organised and intensely customer-focused teams move on in small steps. These characteristics of agile management keeps projects flexible, accelerates them and makes them customer-oriented. However, experts have noticed that many companies kick off too hastily into the agile world. They would be well advised to warm up with a pilot project to gain initial experience.

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28.02.19 | Events

Managing Complexity and Dynamics with Agile Teams

This workshops explores the challenges and approaches of building agile teams in an organization touching on topics like agile leadership, how to build an agile culture, and forming high-performing diverse and heterogenous cross-functional teams.




28.02.19 | News

New Managing Director – New Path of Knowledge

Markus Felder will assume the office as the new managing director of the next level academy GmbH on 1 March 2019 and will give a fresh impetus to the public training programmes. Under his new leadership, next level aims at launching new products and services in the areas project, process, change, and agile management in the education sector.


27.02.19 | News

Interim Experts for Your Projects

Interim manager? Sure! Interim managers are well-known in many companies – for routine operations only. Now, this image is changing. They are also needed in projects.


04.02.19 | Events

The next level of agility conference

This conference explores the challenges and best practices for scaling agility across the organization in pursuit of an optimal balance between agile and traditional ways of working for the benefit of higher organizational flexibility and responsiveness in dynamic environments.


15.01.19 | Press

Interim managers in projects? We propose 4 strategies for a successful collaboration!

An increasing number of companies working on demanding projects faces the question: Can we actually do this? Interim managers are hired in difficult cases, which has so far been uncommon. However, times are changing. Kerstin Wünnecke, expert in interim management at next level consulting, explains how companies can choose the ideal interim manager for their projects and how these project experts can encourage the work flow...


04.01.19 | News

A new managing director brings a fresh impetus

next level consulting Switzerland is getting started with a new management: In January 2019, Gabriel N. Gassmann will run the Swiss subsidiary of the consulting company focusing on project management, process management and change management.



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27.11.18 | Press

Clear away whatever impedes innovation

Many companies are newly equipped with modern management methods, for instance agile project management. But their practical implementation does not always succeed, as it requires fundamental changes to the corporate culture. Organisations need a new way of dealing with responsibility, leadership, partners, and collaborations. Katharina Heger, our agility expert, draws an analogy between a health treatment and a rejuvenation process of a company.

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14.11.18 | Press

Your "learning track" ─ like no other in the world!

How our learning directly supports your Goals


22.10.18 | Events

Final Cebu Tech Session for 2018

Don’t miss our final Cebu Tech Session for the year!  Register now! Project Portfolio Management and Agile Leadership will be the focus topics. We have two dynamic speakers who’ll be working together to address these challenges that we face today …

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22.10.18 | News

Agile Leadership – how to instil an agile mindset to manage in times of uncertainty?

This event looks at the challenges, nature and solutions for agile leadership and how to built high-performing agile teams and organizations.

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16.10.18 | News

Navigating in Disruptive Times - Next Practices

Innovation technology strategy framework, 4C & 4E crafted to guide projects leaders’ approach to design and delivery of their organization’s technology strategy through projects.


16.10.18 | News

Successful transformation through organizational development and digitization

A case study about future-proofing a medium-sized Company.

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06.08.18 | News

In 6 steps companies bring order to their projects

You miss the forest for the trees – this is how many companies feel in face of their projects. You have more projects in the pipeline than you can handle. Project management experts offer help. 




14.06.18 | News

Rethinking project management from best practices to next practices

Embrace value delivery landscape and elevate the project professionalism


08.06.18 | News

Managing Change and uncertainty with strategic Project Portfolio Management

Increasing organizational agility with proven project management best practices...


08.05.18 | Events

Event report - next level of supply chain management

The event series “next level of…” brings together experienced practitioners to discuss change drivers, trends and directions that shape the future of an industry, share experiences, exchange viewpoints, and explore ways to respond effectively. Our latest event focussed on supply chain management.


11.04.18 | Press

6 Strategies for Digital Education using Laptop & Co

More and more companies are experimenting with the digitization of their training programmes for employees. Compared to traditional seminars, online courses save time and money. But the shift from the seminar room to the "digital classroom" does not always progress smoothly. Above all, many employees are progressively getting used to the new form of learning. Our expert Yveline Luterbacher describes 6 success strategies companies use to effectively convert their continuing education to digital learning.

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06.03.18 | Events

First Female Project Manager Breakfast in Singapore

We hosted our first "Breakfast for Female Project Managers" on 26 February under the leadership of Ida Suod and supported by Cristina Martin at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel.

We welcomed 21 participants to our first networking event only for women.


05.02.18 | Press

Introduce enterprise-ready processes in six steps

Companies are constantly changing processes and many of these large process change projects end up being nice on paper but ineffectual. The audience, which is often the employees for which these changes and new processes are intended to benefit, do not participate. Expert Thomas Becker observes that employees often do not feel responsible for the changes. On the one hand, they were not included in defining the change, on the other hand they are not aware of their tasks and responsibilities. Thomas Becker explains what needs to be done - and has a six-step work plan.

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25.01.18 | News

Serious Gaming Interview - Fire Drill Training at T-Systems International

Reality trainings are in high demand at the next level. One of our training highlights is the Fire Drill Training. Read more about this new training format in our interview.

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12.01.18 | Press

A checklist approach to finding pain points

Many companies want to improve their workflows. But instead of rethinking the processes completely in a greenfield approach it is worthwhile considering a step-by-step, pragmatic approach. Namely, to untie knots in the organisation to gradually address the problems and pain points. The advantage: This gentle approach has often a higher acceptance rate with employees, because it preserves a lot of the familiar ground. It maintains employee performance during process optimisation.

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03.11.17 | News

Edge execution: how projects make an organization agile

The increasing complexity and dynamics of today’s business environment challenges established structures and ways of working. To become more agile and responsive to customer demands companies are moving their execution to the edge of their business and work directly with customers in projects to develop products. Projects are becoming the new mode of operation and project management is becoming a core capability.

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06.10.17 | Press

With the "five-finger strategy" project managers bring peace to the team again

Loud, annoying, discouraging - "troublemakers" in the team can be a real nuisance for project managers. But they also offer the project opportunities. Disrupters often feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied with the approach, or even point to undetected project risks. Expert Gaston Saborowski explains the easy-to-use five-finger method, which can be used to turn disrupters into dedicated team members.

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15.07.17 | Press

Six professional strategies: How to generate acceptance from project stakeholders!

Many projects fail because of opposition from the project environment. Various stakeholders have resistance towards to a project because they fear that the project induces undesirable changes. The task of the project manager: to obtain acceptance and support for his project. Project professional Thomas Waldorf explains six success strategies for communicating strategically and finding compromises.

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07.06.17 | Press

Avoid silo mentality: Six tips for project team diversity

Successful project professionals bring diversity to their teams - not only content diversity, but also personal diversity. They consciously combine conscientious detail workers, forward-looking creators or creative visionaries. The mix of different personalities makes the project team more dynamic - it also leads to better results. Expert Gunter Gruhser explains six success factors for employee selection in project management.

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16.03.17 | Press

Online Chat, Social Media & More - discover the digital project world with "Reverse Mentoring"

Digital technologies such as online chat and social media inspire project work. They accelerate collaboration and support team building. However, many project managers struggle with these media. Professor Manfred Mühlfelder of SRH Mobile University, an economics psychologist, recommends five strategies for project managers to benefit from the digital opportunities.

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15.03.17 | Press

Finding the right team motivators

Project managers are like kings without a country. They lead a project team but have no authority. They are not the line managers of their team members. Nevertheless, project managers can achieve buy-in, motivate and lead their teams without the need for any disciplinary action. Leadership expert Anna-Maria Muck explains seven strategies for project managers to address this “power gap".

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19.12.16 | News

next level consulting expands its management board

next level consulting’s (Vienna) management has repositioned itself. At the end of November 2016, the CEO Wolfgang Rabl incorperated its newest members.


15.12.16 | Press

Five Creative Strategies for project managers to reach their audience

Project managers face the difficult task of obtaining buy-in from team members, customers and other stakeholders for their plans. Providing only factual information is not enough. Brain research reveals: With skilfully placed emotional impulses, project managers can effectively embed messages. Five Creative Strategies show how professionals can increase the impact of their presentations and successfully convey messages.


16.11.16 | Press

Six tips to pack in your travel bag as an international project manager

International project work has developed into a mega trend – more and more project managers are send abroad. Once they arrive in their host country difficulties tend to pile up. It is not that they misstep because of cultural differences, the problems often come up in other unexpected areas. Here are six helpful tips for project managers abroad.


07.11.16 | Press

7 typical mistakes when improving work processes

Many businesses would like to re-design their work processes to be more economical. However, often improved efficiency comes at the cost of customer satisfaction or quality. The process management expert Michael Popp explains which common mistakes businesses should avoid and how work processes can be improved gainfully.


14.10.16 | Press

Fight, Flight or Freeze – Why Our Brain Blocks Change Projects

Restructuring allows companies to adapt to changing markets. Progress through change. The other side of the medal is this: During the efforts to reorganise productivity often plummets. Staff calls in sick; top employees hand in their notice and leave. Experts have a surprising explanation for these “side effects” of change: The human brain cannot cope with such comprehensive change. It just switches automatically into “alarm mode”. Employees respond on instinct: flight (call in sick or leave), fight (aggressively impede the project) or freeze (inner migration, work-to-rule). With the following steps organisations can deal with these inevitable as well as dangerous instinctive responses.


10.08.16 | Press

“Everyday projects“ lack support within their organisations

Small- and medium-size projects often fail. They are expected to succeed without any attention or positive regard from management. There are no clear goals, realistic time lines, committed specialist and none of the necessary manoeuvring space needed by project managers. Kerstin Wünnecke explains, how project managers can deal with such adverse conditions.


06.06.16 | Press

Five hands-on strategies on how to lead successful projects as a project management team of two

More and more businesses turn towards dual leadership for projects. Instead of one ‘soloist’ two project managers run the project together. Through this strategy the project profits from the combined expertise, experience and personal abilities of two project managers. Dual leadership is especially useful in complex projects requiring a wide range of specialist skills. Five practical strategies work towards successful cooperation in what can otherwise be a tricky leadership situation.


19.05.16 | Press

5 criteria to establish if an organisation stands to profit from implementing Agile

The nightmare of any project manager is a vague and hazy description of a project’s desired deliverables. As early as possible a project manager needs a precise list of all project requirements to ensure feasible planning. Because of this difficulty more and more businesses turn to Agile. Its essential advantage is that project managers can dispense with a “100% detailed plan”. Teams delve right into the work and cooperate very closely with the client, discussing progress and next steps at short intervals.


04.03.16 | Press

What does the customer really want? – The four steps to success

A crystal clear project assignment with well-defined requirements: This is what is at the heart of a truly successful project. However, in practice it is tough for project managers to establish these requirements and it is also tough to work with them.


03.02.16 | Press

Project Portfolio Management – “Flight Control” for Projects

Many companies lose track of their projects. They don’t focus on the essential projects and squander resources on projects that are hardly worthwhile. Through project portfolio management businesses can align their projects with their strategy: Do the projects fit the strategic objectives and development chances? Which projects are needed – and which ones should be dropped? Here are five steps to establish portfolio management in your company.


01.01.70 | Press

With the "five-finger strategy" project managers bring peace to the team again

Loud, annoying, discouraging - "troublemakers" in the team can be a real nuisance for project managers. But they also offer the project opportunities. Disrupters often feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied with the approach, or even point to undetected project risks. Expert Gaston Saborowski explains the easy-to-use five-finger method, which can be used to turn disrupters into dedicated team members.

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