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Flexibly expand and anchor knowledge

What is e-learning?

E-learning is a form of learning in which electronic and digital media are used for the acquisition of knowledge.

How is e-learning used?

  • In stand-alone e-learning modules for knowledge acquisition through web-based training, video blogs, and webinars
  • In combination with classroom trainings as preparation or follow-up (blended learning)
  • For optimal preparation for certifications

What do we offer?

Our portfolio contains about 40 e-learning modules that can be taken individually or in combination with classroom training. We also customise existing and develop new modules.

Stand-alone e-learning

After registration, you will receive all course information. Then you can independently work on the modules that are made available to you online on your PC.

E-Learning + classroom training (blended learning)

Your autonomous e-learning phases are supplemented by class-room phases. Here you can converse personally with the trainer as well as other participants.

More about our blended learning training ...

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