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Learn new things in many little steps on your mobile device

We quickly forget what we learn and employees are overwhelmed by the daily flood of information. In cooperation with KnowledgeFox we offer you a new learning approach which focuses solely on achieving knowledge goals.

What is Mobile MicroLearning?

Small Steps:
MicroLearning means learning in small sequences. It’s quick, goal-oriented and ensures learning success.

Our solution closes knowledge gaps and adapts to individual learning progress so that everyone can achieve their learning goals.

Anytime, Anywhere:
Learning steps are delivered to learners whe­re­ver they are, at any time – on the smartphone, tablet or PC.

We support knowledge acquisition and measure knowledge outcomes instead of tracking hours learned or atten­dance days.

How do we us Mobile MicroLearning?

  • In e-learning modules for knowledge acquisition and retention
  • After selected training to better memorise learned content and fight the forgetting
  • For the ideal preparation for certifications

What do we offer?

  • Standard modules combined with presence training
  • Development of content for customer-specific topics

In cooperation with

KnowledgeFox is judged 2016
Best Sales Training and Performance Program by Brandon Hall – on par with global companies

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