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04.01.19 | News

A new managing director brings a fresh impetus

next level consulting Switzerland is getting started with a new management: In January 2019, Gabriel N. Gassmann will run the Swiss subsidiary of the consulting company focusing on project management, process management and change management.



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14.11.18 | Press

Your "learning track" ─ like no other in the world!

How our learning directly supports your Goals


22.10.18 | News

Agile Leadership – how to instil an agile mindset to manage in times of uncertainty?

This event looks at the challenges, nature and solutions for agile leadership and how to built high-performing agile teams and organizations.

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16.10.18 | News

Navigating in Disruptive Times - Next Practices

Innovation technology strategy framework, 4C & 4E crafted to guide projects leaders’ approach to design and delivery of their organization’s technology strategy through projects.


16.10.18 | News

Successful transformation through organizational development and digitization

A case study about future-proofing a medium-sized Company.

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06.08.18 | News

In 6 steps companies bring order to their projects

You miss the forest for the trees – this is how many companies feel in face of their projects. You have more projects in the pipeline than you can handle. Project management experts offer help. 


27.07.18 | News

Design Thinking- From problem to prototype

Do you like question marks? Then you will do well with Design Thinking. With Design Thinking you will find particularly creative solutions, for example, for pioneering innovations. You will come across insights that would never have come to your mind during classic brainstorming.


12.01.18 | Press

A checklist approach to finding pain points

Many companies want to improve their workflows. But instead of rethinking the processes completely in a greenfield approach it is worthwhile considering a step-by-step, pragmatic approach. Namely, to untie knots in the organisation to gradually address the problems and pain points. The advantage: This gentle approach has often a higher acceptance rate with employees, because it preserves a lot of the familiar ground. It maintains employee performance during process optimisation.

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