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12.05.2017 | News

Interview with Lizette Gericke

Lizette Gericke now supports Christina Hiller since March 2017 in managing the next level consulting branch in South Africa. She joined the team successfully and is giving us first insights about herself in a short interview.

Our first question to Lizette was a challenge: Describe yourself in 5 words! Her answer was short and precise. She said that her mission over the last couple of years boils down to the following 4 words: “Passionately pursuing people’s potential.” After stating it, she starts laughing: “a lot of p’s in one sentence”.

Certainly, we are intrigued and want to know what this sentence means for her work. She explains radiantly that she is inspired by diving into the complex structures of businesses and to consider all aspects: Processes, people, tools, cultures, work flows, while bringing this complex system to a next level. Finding sustainable solutions through a holistic approach is her passion. As an Example, she tells us about her past experiences in a company that had been growing rapidly and didn’t have any management systems in place.  “I was given the opportunity to establish a whole layer of management and work with people in the organisation to get the most suitable people into those roles, and then for the team to start working as a management team. We also established certain functions, that were non-existent or non-cohesive, as independent disciplines, like project management, release management (in the software world, this is also quite important in addition to project management), DevOps, systems engineering, and business analysis. So, it has been a great journey there.” Lizette could see the organisation change from a smaller successful business to a professionally operating engineering outfit that is now a centre of excellence in the country, especially in the government sector.

Our next question is how she got to know next level and what she is looking forward to within the next years. Lizette tells us, that it was “the drive, not just the attitude, of collaboration that I experienced  - an openness to what people are bringing to the table and encouraging the development of the business for whatever is appropriate for the market here. An attitude of abundance really seems to be present.” Together with her team, Lizette wants to shape the exclusiveness of next level for South African needs.

We thank Lizette for the interview and look forward to our future collaboration.

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